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Life Before Christ

My name is Karan Singh Chauhan born in a Hindu Family in North India. My mother was a house wife and my father was in to business. We used to live in a very remote town where there was no church and no witness- "Gopeshwar" near Chamoli Distt., Uttarakhand. Fortunately, a Christian School came to the town but it was only up till 6th Standard. I studied in that English medium Christian school till the 6th Standard and for further studies I was sent to the capital of the Uttarakhand- Dehradun. I was a radical Idol Worshipper who used to fast Every Tuesday. I had a big friend circle in my city. These friends were very good to me. They used come and pick me up in their car or motor bike to take me out to have lot of fun in all kind of worldly stuff. I was not aware that all that stuff was nothing but sin. We were involved in smoking, drinking wine & etc.

How I met Christ

I heard Gospel in 1999 for the first time in Dehradun & was highly influenced and touched. It was very difficult to accept the fact that whatever I had been doing all the years was just foolishness and actually a Sin. In the year 1999, I was invited by a relative to their house. Later, I found that it was a prayer meeting in their house. I was there so had no option to sit & attend it. So the preacher started preaching about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. And He said "for your Sins, He was crucified and died. For your Sins, He suffered and because of your Sins He died" and I was thinking in my heart that why was this man accusing me for the Death of Christ. After the meeting I went to the pastor and questioned him. He answered my question well. He explained that everybody has sinned and deliverance was only possible by the blood. He also explained how God planned to send His Son Jesus for the deliverance of human. Still, it was difficult for me to accept everything. I went for this meeting again next week, and this time he preached that taste & see how good the Lord is. And he was putting a challenge in front of everyone. Now, this started a fight in me. I struggled for almost one year but God helped me. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior in the month of March, 2000, and later in the same year took the step of obedience in the form of Baptism.

Vision & Ministry

I was encouraged and motivated by my pastor in Dehradun to lead in Praise & Worship. I gave my best to obey him and it actually helped me a lot.  I was learning more about God and His word with him till 2003 as he was relocated to a different city. And when he left Dehradun, I also moved to a different city to study the word of God. It was just a year program (based on practical teachings) but was very helpful.

Life with Christ

After spending eleven months, when it was about to be over, everyone else was there with a plan. They were focused and they knew what they will do after the completion of the training except me. I was very nervous when I found that it was only me who was without a vision. I shared my concern with a pastor and he guided me that I should spend time in prayer. I went to a room and while I was praying in tears, God highlighted Chandigarh in a world map that was hanging just there in front of me.  Prior to this, Chandigarh was a strange land for me. As I had never been to this city and I knew nobody there.

I shared this Vision with lot of people but did not get a good response. In the year 2006, somebody referred me to a Bible College in Secunderbad (Bharat Bible College). I went there and God blessed me. I was appointed as Leader for BTH & BD classes. I did top in the whole college and I was offered Scholarship for six months.

But still in my heart I had this question that God you wanted me to go to Chandigarh and even I am ready to do your will. Then what am I doing here in Secunderabad.  A pastor who referred me to this college changed his mind. First, he agreed to pay my fees but when I was in the college thousands of miles away, he refused to fulfill his words. Now I was stuck. College was asking for the fees as I have been in the college for months already and I was staying in the college campus and I was eating the food that college provides. I thank God for His grace was still upon me. My fellow students collected some money and they paid some portion of my fees and that’s how College allowed me to appear in the Examinations. They also did a collection to buy a train ticket for me so that after the examination during the vacation, I could go back to my city.

After the first year, while coming back to Dehradun, I stopped in New Delhi for 3 days at my cousins` place. He got a call for an interview but he didn`t care for it as he was satisfied where he was working. We just talked about it and he asked me to give it a try. I don`t know how, but I agreed and I appeared for it. They selected me and offered me a good salary. It was America Online. I started working for AOL. When I got my first salary, I went back to Bharat Bible College and cleared all my dues & pending Fee and came back. I kept working for a year and a half. Even during this period, there was a little sound in my heart that "what am I doing here? I was supposed to be in Chandigarh".

In the year 2008, I gave my resign to move to the strange land of Chandigarh. I came to this city with few savings and I looked for a job. It took me a month or so to find a job.  This time the company claimed themselves to be associated with Walmart. I worked with them for three months and they did not pay us. And at the end they ran away. And I was like, God if it was really you who wanted me to be in this city?

It brought such a discouragement that I was questioning God. However, when I look back I praise God for even in tough time he provided all my needs.

And then I found a good job in a reputed company “Gardens Alive” I worked there for two years and it helped me getting rooted in this city.

In May 2010, I was talking to a friend about my vision and he encouraged me and told me that I should do it now. I felt motivated and in June 2010, and by His Grace I was able to get this started. I have been a pastor of this Church for more than six years now. Moving forward in His grace.

Now, God has broaden our vision and we are focused in the four States in North India (Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana & Punjab). We already have planted churches in Uttarakhand and Punjab. We do Church Planting & Evangelism. We also want to start schools and education centers where our young leaders and their spouse may find good job opportunities. We want to spread the Light of Gospel in all the unreached areas.


God has been really kind to me. He has been doing the right things in my life in exact right time. He is really such a Good God. I can never thank Him enough for what he has done for me.




Pastor Karan S Chauhan                                                                                                       

DATE: 3rd March 2017

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